Specifically, NIOSH has reviewed existing sensors and communications network systems used in U.S. underground coal mines to determine whether they are capable of supporting IIoT systems. The results show that about 40 percent of the installed post-accident communication systems as of 2014 require minimal or no modification to support IIoT applications. Boliden has installed such a Wi-Fi communication system to enable the use of drill rigs in Aitik. Although it has delivered a new level of productivity, the experience has not been flawless. Wi-Fi is not designed for the wide area outdoor coverage required by an open-pit mine like Aitik, and this solution also severely limits the addition of other automated machines.

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The services it provides to the underground coal mining industry in New South Wales and Queensland includes mining equipment hire (including longwall relocation equipment and run of mine equipment), longwall relocation and run of mine labour hire, workshop repairs, field maintenance services, tyre sales and spare parts sales.

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For the first time in the history of Ukraine, energy group DTEK has laid a Wi-Fi connection at a depth of 500 m in the Jubilee coal mine (Dnipropetrovsk region). Almost 130 km of cable were used and 400 access points were installed. Based on this wireless

At the Falkirk mine, the network enables data transmissions to and from the mining equipment. Coal trucks are linked to an innovative GPS system which uses 802.11 to relay logistics information to the central office network, which tracks vehicle locations, active and planned mining areas, and time sensitive operations data.

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2018/12/30I know that it was there on my computer, perhaps a month ago when the WiFi card was replaced, and I know that both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz entries were there on both computers in the past. Yesterday morning, when I found my machine off-line, and the DSL Inter

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Finally, a cable-free, lightweight, portable Wi-Fi repeater was available that could easily and quickly take the network to every active corner of a mine. The WRN, used in conjunction with a mine's existing fixed Wi-Fi network, is designed to bridge the signal between a cabled network access point and the dynamic mining areas where cabling is not practical or economical to implement.

The network covered about 85 percent of the mine's 13.5-mile tunnel system at the time the case study was written. The wireless access points within the mine connect to Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000, 3000, and 4000 Series Switches, intended to function in harsh environments.

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China's first 5G network in an underground coal mine started working recently in Shanxi province. The network is installed 534 meters deep in the mine, marking the deepest one in the country. It can help conveyreal-timedata from inside the mine, including gas density, temperature and humidity.

The company mining of Guemassa, subsidiary of Managem, operates since several years the zinc, lead, and copper underground deposit of Draa Sfar, at 10 km to the Northwest of Marrakech. Original volcano-sedimentary, this deposit is in a vein form,

2013/10/1In the coal mine disaster monitoring, by regulating the network deployment and formulating a collaborative mechanism, WSNs can rapidly detect underground collapses . The structure of the coal mine tunnel is narrow and long, and it has a large number of

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specific devices in a mine worthy form, including intrinsic safe versions for coal mines. These include Wi-Fi RFID Tags, VoIP Telephone handset, and the Wireless Access Point and Network Switch. • Developed Mine specific applications such as Personnel and

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Use real-time location systems (RTLS), RFID tracking, Wi-Fi, sensors, mobile devices, software and other technologies to gain full visibility of underground mining operations. Track mine workers, monitor entrances/exits and evacuation status, receive alerts and dispatch first responders for

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The Usibelli Coal Mine (UCM, tucked away in the Alaska Range of mountains and hundreds of miles from a population base, set out this spring to make major improvements to processes and safety. A family owned business, UCM is the only operational coal mine in all of Alaska and supplies coal to six Interior Alaska power plants and several Pacific Rim destinations.

When devices connect to LAN (includes WLAN), they form a work-group. If some wire/less devices have file servers installed on it, can be accessed through client apps with authentication or anonymous mode depending upon the security features. Also,

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We are using wireless networks every day, in cities everywhere, you go there is a wifi network whether it's at your home, work, school, restaurant or a shopping center. Wireless technology is overtaking ethernet cables. More and more stationary PC users decide to use a Wi-Fi adapter instead of ethernet cable. Sadly, sometimes the Wi-Fi []